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Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

On 30 June 2014, the LEI system Oversight Committee declared that the “pre-LEIs” that had been in temporary use until then were now just LEIs. This may be regarded as the time of birth of a new global financial market infrastructure. It is the overdue response of the community of nations to a classic market failure. More : Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

Fee-based investment advice

The new legal requirements for fee-based investment advice will come into force on 1 August 2014. Going forward, such advice will be subject to requirements which extend beyond those for conventional investment advice. More : Fee-based investment advice

BaFin stress test

The risk-bearing capacity of the German insurance industry remains stable. This was demonstrated by the 2014 stress test which BaFin conducted as of the balance sheet cut-off date of 31 December 2013. Almost all insurers have passed the stress test. More : BaFin stress test


Crowdfunding can offer advantages to investors and help expand the market to include new and creative concepts. However, crowdfunding also brings with it fundamental risks. Investors should be aware of these risks and consider the consequences carefully before deciding to invest. More : Crowdfunding

Payment Services Directive II

The 2007 European Payment Services Directive is currently being revised. The PSD governs payments within the European Union, providing the foundation for the EU-wide single market for payments. More : Payment Services Directive II



Here you will find topics such as the authorisation of banks and insurance undertakings, risk management or bans on short selling as well as information on investments, prospectuses, capital requirements and anti-money laundering.



Find out here about the European supervisory structure, international regulation through Solvency II and Basel III, the stress tests and surveys carried out at the EU level and BaFin’s global and bilateral cooperation activities.

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We answer frequently asked questions and provide you with information on key consumer issues such as investment here. You will also find details of who to complain to and contacts if you are having problems with a company or undertaking.


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If you have any questions about BaFin itself, you can find out here about the functions and history of BaFin, how it is funded, job vacancies and media contacts. You will also find further details on the executive and staff.