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Internet payment methods

A number of payment methods are available to customers who are buying goods and services on the Internet. Depending on how Internet payment methods are configured, providers need to take various regulatory requirements into account. More : Internet payment methods


The German insurance industry has been dealing with the topic of run-off for almost ten years – initially of reinsurers, but later also non-life insurers. Today, run-off is also relevant for Germany’s most important class of insurance – life insurance. More : Run-Off

The unregulated capital market

The unregulated capital market segment in Germany, which goes by the name of the “graue Kapitalmarkt“, or “grey capital market”, is, unlike associations with the colour grey, by no means generally typified by sobriety, functionality or gloomy impenetrability. Upon closer inspection, it seems more like an iridescent rainbow... More : The unregulated capital market

Longevity risks

The phenomenon of rising life expectancy is becoming an ever greater challenge, especially in developed western economies. It is therefore becoming the focus of increasing social policy and regulatory attention. The Joint Forum has published a report on this subject in December 2013. More : Longevity risks


As from mid-February 2014, counterparties and central counterparties (CCPs) must use a trade repository when engaging in derivative transactions. The reporting obligation for derivative transactions is laid down in Article 9(1) of the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR). More : EMIR



Here you will find topics such as the authorisation of banks and insurance undertakings, risk management or bans on short selling as well as information on investments, prospectuses, capital requirements and anti-money laundering.



Find out here about the European supervisory structure, international regulation through Solvency II and Basel III, the stress tests and surveys carried out at the EU level and BaFin’s global and bilateral cooperation activities.

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We answer frequently asked questions and provide you with information on key consumer issues such as investment here. You will also find details of who to complain to and contacts if you are having problems with a company or undertaking.


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If you have any questions about BaFin itself, you can find out here about the functions and history of BaFin, how it is funded, job vacancies and media contacts. You will also find further details on the executive and staff.