Special inspections

With respect to special inspections, BaFin distinguishes between requested inspections, ad hoc inspections and regular inspections. In the first case, BaFin only conducts the inspection at an institution's request; in the second case, the inspection is based solely on BaFin's need to adequately clarify an issue. The third case comprises inspections performed by BaFin in accordance with a statutory inspection schedule. This applies in particular to cover inspections in the Pfandbrief segment, which must be performed at regular two-year intervals under the Pfandbrief Act (Pfandbriefgesetz – PfandBG).

Requested inspections are, in particular, acceptance tests for internal risk measurement procedures used by institutions, e.g. for rating systems in the lending business in accordance with the IRBA (Internal Ratings Based Approach), advanced methods for measuring operational risk under the AMA (Advanced Measurement Approach), market risk models, or internal procedures for measuring liquidity risk. Ad hoc inspections are conducted for a specific reason – e.g. to follow up information in an auditor's report. These inspections give BaFin its own detailed insight into an institution's risk situation.

Zahl der Sonderprüfungen
Impairment-related special audits332438
Section 25a (1) of the KWG (MaRisk)123131182
Market risk models117
IRBA (credit risk measurement)64258
AMA (operational risk measurement)022
Liquidity risk measurement000

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