FAQs on Brexit

BaFin answers frequently asked questions on Brexit, the planned exit of the UK from the EU. These questions are relevant in particular for UK banks and insurers which would like to open branches or establish subsidiaries in Germany. Providers and issuers of securities will also find important information here.

Your questions for BaFin

BaFin has established a special contact address for financial services firms wishing to move their registered office or operations to Germany. You may submit your enquiries to BaFin via You can also use the contact form if you would like us to contact you directly. BaFin will respond to all enquiries within two business days.

This contact facility is particularly aimed at firms considering relocation from the United Kingdom to continental Europe due to Brexit. The new contact address can, of course, be used by all foreign financial firms interested in Germany as a financial centre and in the supervision BaFin provides.

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