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BaFin is an attractive and family-friendly employer. It offers its staff ideal working conditions, in order not only to pursue a challenging career but also to have time for their families. For BaFin officers perform important functions – often in international contexts – but at the same time they also enjoy the secure general conditions typical of the civil service.

BaFin strives to create a family-friendly working environment by making it easier for its staff to combine professional and family life to the extent permitted by the law and its own operating environment. For example, BaFin offers tailored part-time working arrangements, a modern flexitime agreement and a telecommuting job quota.
BaFin is also equipped to cope with a special kind of “emergencies”. Is the nursery school unexpectedly closed or is the childminder not available? For urgent childcare needs, BaFin set up parent-child offices several years ago now. It also runs its own child day care centre in Bonn for children between the ages of 3 and 6. At BaFin Frankfurt, a child day care centre was established in 2012, which provides care for up to 25 children.

When it comes to organising the balance between working and family life, experience shows that women find this particularly challenging. Around 47% of BaFin's employees are women. BaFin is seeking to increase this percentage further and therefore prefers to recruit women over men if they are equally suitable and meet the same requirements. Women are also well represented at high management level; all told, around 25% of management positions (from salary/pay scale level A15/E15 upwards) are held by women. Civil servants and regular employees of BaFin are as a matter of principle linked to the civil service salary scheme – thereby ensuring that women and men working in comparable jobs are paid the same.

updated on: 18.11.2014

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