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BaFin employs 2,577 people. About 74 percent of its staff are public officials (Beamte) and 26 percent are regular employees (Tarifbeschäftigte). Around three quarters of BaFin's staff work in its office in Bonn and one quarter is based in Frankfurt am Main. 73 members of staff are on secondment to other national or international authorities and institutions. In addition, there are 67 trainees and candidates for entry to the upper Civil Service working at BaFin (as at 31 December 2015).

BaFin is a "young" authority: the great majority of its employees are between 30 and 44 years old. BaFin offers good professional opportunities and family-friendly working conditions, especially for women. Women account for almost a half of all BaFin's staff.

As Germany's integrated financial supervisor, BaFin is responsible for one of the world's most important financial and capital markets. The core function of BaFin's staff is therefore the supervision of credit and financial services institutions, insurance undertakings and securities trading. Around 1,000 staff work directly in the three Directorates: Banking Supervision, Insurance Supervision and Securities Supervision/Asset Management. In addition, another 750 work in the cross-sectoral departments, which perform functions that extend beyond individual Directorates.

updated on: 28.05.2013

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