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Consumer Advisory Council

The Consumer Advisory Council is responsible for advising BaFin on issues related to its supervisory duties from a consumer’s perspective. The Consumer Advisory Council collects, analyses and reports to BaFin data relating to current developments in the banking and insurance businesses and in the areas of financial services and financial instruments (“consumer trends”).

The Consumer Advisory Council comprises 12 representatives: three from academia, four from consumer and investor protection organisations, three from extrajudicial dispute resolution schemes, one from the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (Bundesministerium der Justiz und für Verbraucherschutz – BMJV) and one from trade unions.

Members of the Consumer Advisory Council

Members of the Consumer Advisory Council Members of the Consumer Advisory Council (from left to right): Dorothea Mohn, Jella Benner-Heinacher, Stephan Kühnlenz, Prof. Dr Peter Rott, Gabriele Meister, Andrea Heyer, Prof. Dr Petra Buck-Heeb, Dr Peter Frellesen, Prof. Dr Günter Hirsch, Prof. Dr Christoph Brömmelmeyer, Dr Erich Paetz (Maximilian Fuhrmann was absent). (c) BaFin Members of the Consumer Advisory Council

As at: October 2018

Representatives from academia
Prof. Dr Brömmelmeyer, Christoph
Prof. Dr Buck-Heeb, Petra
Prof. Dr Rott, Peter

Representatives of consumer and investor protection organisations
Benner-Heinacher, Jella
Heyer, Andrea
Kühnlenz, Stephan
Mohn, Dorothea (Chairwoman)

Representatives from extrajudicial dispute resolution schemes
Dr Frellesen, Peter
Prof. Dr Hirsch, Günter
Meister, Gabriele

Representative of the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection
Dr Paetz, Erich

Representative of trade unions
Fuhrmann, Maximilian

updated on: 22.10.2018

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