Tasks and functions of the Insurance Advisory Council

Insurance Advisory Council

The Insurance Advisory Council addresses issues of insurance practice and provides advice to BaFin on the implementation and further development of supervisory law. Also, there are circumstances where the German Insurance Supervision Act (Versicherungsaufsichtsgesetz – VAG) provides that the Insurance Advisory Council must be consulted.

eThe Council comprises insurance companies of all lines of business, as well as competent policyholders from professional circles such as the industrial, commercial, craft, transport and agriculture sectors, property owners, members of the professions, the civil service and the trade unions and insurance employees, insurance intermediaries, insurance scientists and other experts of the insurance industry.

Members of the Insurance Advisory Council

as at 10 January 2017

  • Dr Aden, Helmut
  • Dr Barthel, Alexander
  • Dr Becker, Karin
  • Dr Ellenbürger, Frank
  • Gatschke, Lars
  • Prof. Dr Gatzert, Nadine
  • Prof. Dr Gründl, Helmut
  • Grundler, Martina
  • Prof. Dr Heep-Altiner, Maria
  • Heinen, Norbert
  • Keese, Burkhard
  • Dr Kleuker, Mathias
  • Laue, Uwe
  • Lawrence, Katharina
  • Dr Lipowsky, Ursula
  • Marscheider, Adelheid
  • Münster, Hubertus
  • Prof. Dr Pohlmann, Petra
  • Dr Rieß, Markus
  • Rohde, Holger R.
  • Prof. Dr Schradin, Heinrich R.
  • Stumm, Ilona
  • Prof. Dr Wandt, Manfred
  • Wortberg, Michael
updated on: 10.01.2017

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