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This service is intended for those providers who would like to meet BaFin's notification, reporting and transmission requirements on the basis of a simple and secure electronic data exchange system or who are required to use the Reporting and Publishing Platform.

The MVP Portal is available to you for your notification and filing requirements, including:

Net Short Positions
notifications relating to Regulation (EU) No. 236/2012

Electronic filings of final terms of the offer
pursuant to section 6 (3) sentence 3 of the German Securities Prospectus Act (WpPG - new version)

Employee and Complaints Register
reports pursuant to section 87 of the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG)

Position limits for commodity derivates
application process and reporting following articles 57, 58 of Directive 2014/65/EU (MiFID II)

Insurance Supervision
electronic filings related to Insurance Supervision

Insurance Supervision - Solvency II
electronic filings related to Insurance Supervision under Solvency II

Position limits in commodity derivates
application process and reporting following articles 57, 58 of Directive 2014/65/EU (MiFID II)

Prospectuses (WpPG / VermAnlG)
Submission of Prospectuses, Supplements, Capital Investments Information Sheets and Securities Information Sheets

Transaction reporting (Article 26 of the MiFIR)

Notifications and Information to the Reference System of Financial Instruments and Transparency Calculations (Title II MiFIR / Art. 22 + 27 MiFIR / Art. 4 MAR)
Electronic filings related to Reference Data of Financial Instruments and Information to Transparency Calculation

Buy-back programmes and stabilisation measures
Reports pursuant to Art. 5 MAR and Regulation No. (EU) 2016/1052

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In order to submit notifications or make filings for a specialised procedure, you first have to register with the MVP Portal through the access administration function. To use the specialised procedures, you then have to submit an application for participation in the respective specialised procedure in the MVP Portal electronically. The application generated as a PDF file has to be printed out and sent to BaFin together with the additional documents for the respective specialised procedure. For details on the additional documents and/or requirements for the selected specialised procedure, please refer to the application.

Please note the references for further information and documentation in the right-hand column.

updated on: 22.01.2018

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