BaFinJournal is BaFin's specialist magazine and main news bulletin. It contains expert articles, interviews and reports on key national and international supervisory issues as well as official announcements by the Directorate of Insurance Supervision. BaFinJournal appears on the BaFin website each month.

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You can find English translations of articles and interviews from BaFinJournal here.

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You can find expert articles on consumer protection, which complement our selection on consumer issues, here.

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Announcements of the Directorate of Insurance Supervision may be found in BaFinJournal and those of the Directorates of Banking and Securities Supervision in the Federal Gazette.

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BaFin­Jour­nal Ju­ni 2018

Cover BaFinJournal 06/2018 (refer to: BaFinJournal Juni 2018)

Big Data und künstliche Intelligenz / Starke Kundenauthentifizierung / Prospekte / Taping / Brexit

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