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BaFin makes available various publications, statistics and databases. BaFinJournal reports monthly on supervisory issues, while the annual report summarises the most important topics of the previous years. In our databases you can find, for example, authorised companies, investment funds or prospectuses for securities and other investment products.


BaFinJournal is published in German only. However, selected expert articles are also provided in English.BaFinJournal is BaFin's specialist magazine and main news bulletin. It contains expert articles, interviews and reports on key national and international supervisory issues as well as official announcements by the Directorate of Insurance Supervision. BaFinJournal appears only in German, but selected articles and interviews are also published in English.

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BaFinJournal - aktuelle Ausgabe (refer to: BaFinJournal)


BaFinPerspectives examines strategic supervisory and regulatory issues from different angles. Both experts within and outside of BaFin contribute to the articles and interviews in this magazine. BaFinPerspectives is published twice a year on BaFin’s website in German and English.

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BaFin Perspectives - current issue (refer to: BaFinPerspectives)

An­nu­al Re­port

BaFin's annual report deals with the main supervisory topics of the previous year and provides information on changes in the authority's structure and organisation as well as on its budget.

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Jahresberichte (refer to: Annual Report)

BaFin brochures

BaFin´s brochures cover issues relevant to consumers, such as investments, securities transactions and how to approach products from the unregulated capital market. Although most brochures are only published in German, some English translations can be found here.

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Broschüren (refer to: BaFin brochures)


You can find a summary of all BaFin's databases, overviews and lists here. You can search the databases, for example for authorised companies and tied agents or for filed prospectuses, major holdings of voting rights and managers’ transactions.

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Datenbanken (refer to: Databases)

BaFin Newslet­ter

Subscribe to BaFinJournal and BaFin`s other publications by e-mail.

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Newsletter (refer to: BaFin Newsletter)

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Speeches and Interviews (partly available in English)

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