Banking and loans

You can find out here what you need to bear in mind about banking transactions – whether you want to handle payments, invest money or take out a loan. We explain the basics of the most important products from banks and Bausparkassen and answer questions frequently asked by bank customers.

Costs and charges for bank­ing trans­ac­tions

In principle, banks can impose charges on their customers as contractually agreed. They usually have price lists available. The size of the fees charged by ATMs is not regulated in law either. However, credit institutions are not allowed to charge fees for certain services, or certain restrictions may apply, for example to foreign transfers.


How long is a transfer allowed to take? Until when can I revoke a payment order or a direct debit payment? You can find answers to these and other questions here.

Cash trans­fer

Cash transfers allow money to be sent and received anywhere in the world without the sender or recipient needing a bank account. A range of financial service providers offer such transfers as a service, usually at a cost. Unfortunately, fraudsters take advantage of this service as well.

Prod­ucts from banks and Baus­parkassen

You can find a preliminary introduction to bank and Bausparkassen services here. We briefly introduce the most important products and answer frequently asked questions on them. If you need further details, you can call the BaFin consumer helpline.

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