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If you feel you have not been treated correctly by a company, you have several options to complain – to the company itself, to BaFin or to various dispute resolution entities and ombudsman services. You can find out how these different entities can help you and what you need to bear in mind when submitting a complaint here.

Com­plain­ing to a com­pa­ny

If you have reason to complain to a bank, an insurance undertaking or a German management company (KapitalverwaltungsgesellschaftKVG), you should always put your complaint to them in writing, since information given by employees over the phone is not always reliable. Find out how to reach a solution or create a basis for further action here.

Com­plain­ing to BaFin

Do you, as a customer, want to complain about a company which is supervised by BaFin? You can contact BaFin directly to do this. Find out in which cases BaFin will look at your complaint and how it does this here. You will also receive tips on formulating your complaint and information about how to submit it.

Com­plaints to fi­nan­cial om­buds­man ser­vices

Are you having problems with a bank, an insurance undertaking or a German management company (KapitalverwaltungsgesellschaftKVG)? Not every dispute necessarily has to end up in court. When you complain to BaFin, we may respond by suggesting an out-of-court settlement of the dispute.

Ar­bi­tra­tion Board un­der the In­vest­ment Code

In addition to its other activities in the handling of customer complaints, BaFin also offers an arbitration board for consumer disputes in relation to provisions pursuant to the German Investment Code (Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch – KAGB). In addition to BaFin, two other organisations also provide dispute resolution functions pursuant to the KAGB. As a consumer, you can request this kind of out-of-court dispute resolution in order to reach an amicable solution to a dispute.

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