BaFin’s consumer helpline

Do you have any questions regarding supervised companies or supervisory issues, or do you wish to complain about an insurance undertaking or a credit institution? Simply call BaFin's consumer helpline! Here you can get information on the tasks of BaFin on all working days. The helpline staff will be pleased to assist you in your queries.

How to contact BaFin's consumer helpline

You can contact the consumer helpline on 0800 2 100 500 (Callers from abroad: +49 (0)228 299 70 299). BaFin staff will answer your calls Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. The helpline provides advice and information regarding, for example,

  • specific consumer-protection issues,
  • any problems you may have with banks, insurance undertakings or financial services providers,
  • complaint procedures,
  • the status of an ongoing complaints proceeding,
  • the authorisation of companies and credit institutions,
  • BaFin itself and its tasks.

Support using co-browsing

In addition to providing advice over the telephone, BaFin is offering a new service: co-browsing. The consumer helpline advisers can navigate websites with you while communicating with you in real time via the Internet. In this way, they can guide you through the page or database structure.
You can access the co-browsing service by calling our consumer helpline on 0800 2 100 500 (Callers from abroad: +49 (0)228 299 70 299). If it will be helpful to the conversation, the adviser will offer you a co-browsing session. You are also welcome to request that someone show you specific information on the available websites using co-browsing.

How it works:
The adviser will tell you an individually generated session code which you can use to start the co-browsing session. Once a joint connection has been established, both you and your adviser will see a virtual browser open in its own browser window. Information can only be shared in this area of the virtual browser. The adviser has no access to your computer during this process. The internet pages you access are merely mirrored to you and the adviser using co-browsing technology.

You can find out more about how co-browsing works here (only available in German).
Further information on data protection and processing can be found here (only available in German).

Service for deaf people

BaFin provides various services for people who are deaf and hard of hearing. Please contact the consumer helpline directly. If you prefer to have your questions answered by e-mail or fax, our staff will be pleased to do so. You may also contact BaFin by way of sign language and videotelephony (video over IP, SIP).

Contact: These ser­vices can be reached as fol­lows:

telephone line for sign language calls via ISDN:
+49 (0)228 99 80 80 83 8 telephone line for sign language calls over IP:
Fax: 0228 4108 777 4

115 - Your single contact number for public authorities in Germany

You do not have the correct telephone number at hand? Just dial 115. Using this single contact number for Germany's public authorities, you can not only reach BaFin but any of the nearly 90 public authorities and institutions which comprise the federal administration, as well as many of the regional authorities, municipalities and associations.

By dialling 115, you can receive information Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.; however, this service is only available in participating regions.

Calls to the single contact number for public authorities in Germany are chargeable. If you call from a landline, 115 can usually be reached at the cost of a local call or is included in a flatrate. For further information on the tariffs please visit the 115 website.

Those who are deaf may use the 115 telephone line for sign language calls. It can be reached using the SIP address On the telephone line for sign language calls, trained staff will answer your queries in sign language.

updated on: 01.02.2018

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