Foreign companies

On these pages, foreign companies in the financial sector are provided with information about the conditions and advantages of being located or conducting business operations in Germany. Due to the imminent Brexit process, BaFin is paying particular attention to the urgent questions and issues of companies located in the United Kingdom with a view to minimising operational risks and offering a reliable supervisory framework in Germany.


Communication with the relevant BaFin employees can be conducted in English. In most cases, BaFin also accepts documentation in English. Where legal provisions require that German be used, BaFin will assist you in fulfilling these requirements.

Fast and efficient procedures

BaFin is a flexible and service-oriented supervisory authority. It completes all procedures quickly and efficiently once the required documentation has been received. This means that interested companies are soon able to provide financial services in Germany and from Germany, doing so within a reliable supervisory framework.

Internal risk models

Internal models for determining regulatory own funds requirements need to be granted approval. The approval procedure can draw on the assessments of other EU supervisory authorities, especially with regard to the evaluation of specific aspects of the models. Where this is possible, BaFin will simplify and accelerate the process.



Companies can make use of extensive outsourcing possibilities which fulfil BaFin's supervisory requirements. However, BaFin does not accept mere "letterbox" arrangements.


Securities prospectuses

It is now possible to choose English as the language for securities prospectus in more cases than was previously permitted. BaFin has changed its interpretive practice regarding the prospectus language for authorisations intended exclusively for the regulated market in Germany.

Contact address for foreign financial companies

BaFin has set up a contact address for financial services companies wishing to move their registered office or operations to Germany. Enquiries can be sent to Alternatively, a contact form can be used. BaFin responds to all enquiries within two business days.

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