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Date: 16.07.2018

As the amount of data available is constantly growing and ever better opportunities for using this data are arising, companies are able to structure their work processes more efficiently and develop new business models. Supervisors and regulators, however, are facing new challenges as the use of big data and artificial intelligence (BDAI) increases on financial markets.

In order to gain a better understanding of these challenges, we prepared the report "Big data meets artificial intelligence – Challenges and implications for the supervision and regulation of financial services" with the support of Partnerschaft Deutschland, the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems and The Boston Consulting Group.

We would like to engage in discussions about big data and artificial intelligence with all the stakeholders concerned. We would therefore like to invite you to critically examine the scenarios and findings in this report as part of the consultation process and to provide us with your comments. In addition to a detailed analysis, the report also contains key questions aimed at structuring the discussions we are seeking to engage in. The submitted responses will be key for us as financial supervisors in addressing the issues surrounding BDAI. You can find a questionnaire on our website.

We are planning to evaluate the submitted responses and subsequently publish an anonymised and aggregated evaluation online. However, the submitted responses will not be published individually.

If you would like to provide us with your comments on the report, please send us the completed questionnaire with your name, institution and address until 30 September 2018 as an attachment of an informal email to this address:

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