Topic Measures Alexanderwerk AG: BaFin imposes administrative fine

Date: 06.11.2017

On 1 November 2017, BaFin imposed an administrative fine amounting to 94,500 euros against Alexanderwerk AG.

The administrative order imposing the fine related to a breach by Alexanderwerk AG of section 37w (1) sentence 1 of the German Securities Trading Act (WertpapierhandelsgesetzWpHG). Alexanderwerk AG had failed to make its half-yearly financial report for the financial year 2014 publicly available within the prescribed period.

In accordance with the general principles for the assessment of administrative fines, it was necessary to take into consideration the fact that the infringement period partially fell under an earlier version of the WpHG, which stipulated a lower maximum fine.

Alexanderwerk AG can lodge an appeal against the administrative fine order.

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